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Spirituality from the Hebrew Bible: 10 Major Themes

The main themes of the Hebrew Bible (additionally referred to as the Old Testament) truly consist of God, man, sin, righteousness, grace, covenant, regulation, atonement, and holiness. A final subject we can take a look at is the Messiah. Nearly anybody would agree that those ten themes are a number of the maximum critical. Let’s take a more in-depth examine each one.

God – From its beginning verse, the Hebrew Bible affirms the following essential truths about God: Regarding time he’s timeless, concerning energy he’s countless, and regarding expertise he is endless; He is one and now not or more, He is writer not creature, and He is each loving and holy.

These traits, and lots of extra besides, define who God is and lie at the coronary heart of the Old Testament revelation of Him. He is often discovered, however, now not in abstractions or propositions, however in dating with humans.

Man – In comparison with God, humans are confined:

  • They’ve got a starting and are mortal.
  • They have got simplest limited power and expertise.
  • They’re not continually loving and holy.

To make sure, the history of humankind has some heroism and testimonies of noble minds and deeds. However, it documents the unhappy records of failed capacity, squandered opportunities, and perverted functions.

The unique pair of humans comes into life in relationship with God, items of His grace and love, and reflections of His likeness. Unfortunately but, they surrender their status to the Lord. In the call of independence, they end up slaves to sin, in want of deliverance. The development of their descendants reaches the climax when Genesis 6 says, “Every inclination of the coronary heart of guy is the simplest evil all of the time.”

Sin – The Hebrew the bible revealed well-known shows the nature of sin commonly in narrative shape–in other words, by telling the tale of what happened to real human beings. Human beings have been created in a sinless kingdom, while even now, they’re born into the sector pure and harmless. Sinfulness is unusual for human beings; it’s far out of alignment with what God designed us to be and to do.

Since we bear the image of God, sin is something that contradicts God’s nature. Because God is actual, lies are sin. Because God is holy, defilement is sin. Because God is love, hatred is sin. Because God is cohesive, the division is sin, and so forth. This is first-rate expressed in Leviticus 19:1, in which God says, “You must be holy, for I am holy.” All thru Leviticus, the moral precepts introduced are tied again and again to the confirmation, “I am the LORD.”

Doing what is proper and experiencing the blessing God brings with it is what the Old Testament means via understanding that God is the LORD (see statements in Ezekiel and someplace else over and over).

Righteousness: If sin is rebelling in opposition to reflecting God’s nature in our lives, then righteousness is living in harmony with that nature. It is retaining a relationship of trusting obedience with God. Righteousness entails religion. However, it additionally bursts forth from the loyal coronary heart into faithfulness in a single stroll.

The Hebrew Bible describes the righteous person as being dedicated to God with your heart, soul, and electricity. A right dating with other humans accompanies this right courting with God. The Old Testament portrays the righteous character as treating others as they might want to be handled, performing closer to them as God might act.

Grace: Some readers have the effect that they’ll no longer stumble upon grace in the Hebrew Bible, that it most effective will become a number one emphasis inside the New Testament. This impact is a false one, dispelled by using nearly every ebook of the Old Testament.

God’s graciousness to people begins with the primary couple and continues as a constant theme within the Old Testament symphony. The LORD is “abounding in steadfast love” and willing to forgive to one thousand generations. Again and once more, He reveals His high-quality endurance and His smooth mercy in the direction of sinners. Unfortunately, a few have most effectively targeted on passages wherein He famous wrath towards sinners, a counterpoint melody to be sure, but one who always plays out in the context of covenant love and faithfulness.

Covenant: The sovereign, almighty, transcendent Creator-God is inclined to slump to go into agreements with people. These agreements are called covenants, and that they offer an awful lot of the framework on which the Hebrew Bible unfolds.

The fundamental covenants of the Old Testament encompass the ones with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses (and all of Israel), Aaron & Levi, and David. Each of these covenants involves guarantees God makes and expectancies He has for the subjects of the covenant. The Hebrew Bible also seems ahead to a New Covenant, which the New Testament is all about.

Law – The covenant God made with the country of Israel is known as the Law (Torah, or Law of Moses). In the Law, God rehearses the saving acts with the aid of which He has positioned the nation of Israel in His debt and then challenges them to agree to live in dating with Him, experiencing the benefits that attend that courting. Of direction, He also warns them of the curses they may convey upon themselves if they destroy the covenant. The Ten Commandments are basic to the Law, which lay out the basics of living in harmony with God.

Atonement: Under that identical covenant with Israel, God supplied a way of gaining forgiveness through a gadget of animal sacrifices. These offerings were a way the believer had of eliminating offenses and pleading to God for a renewal of the near relationship the sin made impossible.

According to the Old Testament, atonement turned into only possible via the shedding of the blood of an excellent sacrifice. This laid the basis for the New Covenant’s everlasting sacrifice of the Perfect Lamb of God, Jesus Christ.

Holiness – In the Hebrew Bible, to be holy means to be dedicated to God. Holiness is part of God’s nature and is imparted with the aid of Him to humans in a proper courting with him. God intends for all people to be holy all the time. Sin, however, defiles us and puts us in want of atonement so that we can be holy all over again.

Messiah – The Old Testament anticipates the coming of the Holy One of God who might have a remarkable concept, stay a great life, serve as the suitable man or women, after which voluntarily provide up Himself because the once-for-all sin is providing so that people might be restored to God and made holy again.

Over a length spanning extra than 1,000 years, stimulated prophets foretold components of the life of this Holy One. The accumulation in their predictions paints a perfect portrait of the delivery, existence, character, death, or even resurrection of Jesus Christ. Several of those prophecies within the Hebrew Bible describe him as “the Anointed One” (Hebrew: Meshiakh), or “the Messiah,” in line with the practice in Old Testament times of pouring olive oil on the pinnacle of a person specially appointed through God to perform His purposes.

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